Signal Source Unknown

Edinburgh based solo project Signal Source Unknown came to life amid the long lockdown days and nights of 2021. Rising from a desire to contrast the fear and uncertainty of that time with new music that reached for a more optimistic view of the future. The first tracks were created using a micro-keyboard, a laptop and an old analog effects unit. The idea was simple. Write music to soundtrack a brighter future.

Inspired by the beauty of the Scottish landscape which surrounds their tiny studio on the edge of Edinburgh, Signal Source Unknown combine ambient piano and lo-fi beats with ethereal electric guitars and driving acoustic drums to craft a sound that takes the listener on a musical journey from haunting nostalgia to a fearful hopefulness. Admirers of the great Scottish groups, Cocteau Twins, The Blue Nile, Frightened Rabbit, Skids and the other one, Signal Source Unknown have set out to explore a sonic landscape armed with only an old map, a pocket torch and compass with a mind of its own.